How to Have a Thoughtful, Fun, and Safe Party this Christmas

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the chance to gather with family and friends in your home—especially after a year of seclusion and quarantine. But, when lots of people squeeze into a small space, accidents are bound to happen. So, remember a few guidelines for throwing a well-planned, safe party.


Check the rules.


You may have to follow specific rules when you throw a party, depending on whether you rent a home or live in an area with a homeowners association. For example, find out if there’s a limit on how many people you can invite or if you need to keep anything else in mind when you plan a safe party.


Talk to your neighbors.


Be considerate. Let your neighbors know you’re having a party and work out any parking issues that may arise. If possible, invite them to the festivities!


Plan for your pets.


Some pets can handle large crowds. Others can’t. If your fur baby belongs to the second category, then send them to a friend’s house or crate them in a back room during the event.


Remember the food.


It’s easy to forget about food safety when you’re hosting a party. You can get caught up chatting, and then, before you know it, the meat and cheese have been out too long. Keep an eye on the buffet and maintain proper food temperatures so your guests don’t get sick.


Provide a designated driver.


If you serve alcohol, keep an eye out for guests who indulge too much to drive. Then, ensure a sober person can get them home safely. It’s also a good idea to choose designated drivers before the event and ensure a safe party.


Review your home insurance coverage.


The more guests you invite to the party, the larger your risk for an accident. Before you even send out invitations, review your home insurance policy and make sure you have enough coverage to handle any mishap.


If you need help reviewing your policy, give us a call. We can help ensure you have the right coverage.