How To Keep Busy While Social Distancing

The world has changed in just a matter of weeks, and most of us are self-quarantining in our homes, doing our part to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infection. But we don’t know how long this homebound period will last and many of us are already coming down with terrible cases of cabin fever. We at Hibbs Insurance want to help you get through this strange time with your sanity intact, so we’ve compiled some creative ideas to help you pass the time while social distancing.


Social Distancing Tip #1: Catch up on your reading list.


Life is so busy that it’s hard to find time to read anymore—or it was, at least. Take this opportunity to finally read that classic novel you’ve always wanted to tackle or that new series you’ve wanted to try. (Audiobooks absolutely count!)


Social Distancing Tip #2: Finish house projects.


Every homeowner has tasks they’ve been meaning to complete but just never get around to starting. So, while you’re stuck at home, deep-clean the fridge, purge your closet, and finish all your spring home maintenance chores. You’ll start feeling accomplished instead of suffocated!


Social Distancing Tip #3: Learn something new.


You can learn a lot of skills online from cooking to painting to playing guitar. Find a good video tutorial and get to work!


Social Distancing Tip #4: Remember the elderly.


Many community members over the age of 60 have to be particularly careful because they are at higher risk. That means their contact with others is especially limited and they can get lonely. Call your older friends and family as much as you can to encourage them and let them know you’re praying for them.


Social Distancing Tip #5: Order take-out.


It’s more important than ever to support your local businesses, so when possible, order take-out from your favorite restaurant.


Social Distancing Tip #6: Get your Christmas shopping done early…REALLY early.


It’s only spring, but you’ve got the time to get a lot of online shopping done right now. Plus, many stores are offering great discounts, so take advantage of those deals and get miles ahead on your Christmas shopping.


Social Distancing Tip #7: Swap board games with the neighbors.


You’ve probably already played all the board games in your house by now—but have you played your neighbors’ games? Organize a swap and try some new ones. However, you should probably ask your friends to leave the games on their porch for pickup. Remember, we’re limiting contact!