Prepare a Home For Sale

Selling a home can be stressful. You have to wait for people to show interest, tour it, and finally put in an offer. Then, you negotiate a price and hope the potential buyers don’t walk away. It’s exhausting, but you can move the process along—and consequently decrease the stress—with just a little work. Here are a few ideas about how to prepare a home for sale.


Clean. Everything.


Everyone knows to clean their homes before showing them, but we’re telling you to go the extra mile. Dust on top of your refrigerator. Scrub your cabinets and baseboards. Clean everything possible so that your home sparkles.




Organize and declutter your closets and cabinets so they don’t appear overstuffed. If these spaces are crammed with items, then potential buyers might think the home doesn’t have enough storage space. You’ll also want to remove any oversized furniture that might make a room feel too small. 


Get impersonal.


You want your home to become a space where potential buyers can see themselves living, so take down any personal photos or outlandish art and paint your walls neutral colors. You don’t want décor choices to distract possible buyers from the great characteristics of your home.


Make your home inviting.


Curb appeal often clinches a sale, so you should spruce up the outside of your home. Trim your bushes, pull your weeds, power wash your siding, and make the house appear as friendly as possible. You should also consider painting your front door and adding a wreath, just to give it an extra touch.


Pay attention to smell.


No one wants to buy a stinky house, so make sure your home smells as fresh as a daisy when people walk through it. Do some deep cleaning, if needed, to get rid of strong smells, and then burn a nice candle or bake cookies to fill the house with an inviting fragrance.


Good luck with the sale! We hope the process goes smoothly, and when you do sell your current home and purchase a new one, contact one of our agents to get the right home insurance policy for you.