Ideas for an Unforgettable Spring Break

Let’s face it—it’s time for a vacation. The weather is dreary, work is stressful, and the kids are getting bored in class. Fortunately, spring break is nearly here!  Spring break gives us much-needed time to relax and recharge with our families, but are you making the most of it? Try planning a unique trip that’s sure to create lasting memories. We’ve got a few ideas for an unforgettable spring break.


Backpacking Trip


Pack up your supplies and head out into nature for a few days. If your children are adventurous—or if you just want to distract them from their phones—then a backpacking trip is perfect for old-fashioned family bonding. And, if you’re not very experienced with backpacking, you can always have your trip organized by a tour guide company.


Train Ride


What’s the worst part of a family vacation? The driving. So, skip it, and hop on a train instead! You’ll enjoy the scenery, your children will enjoy the adventure, and no one will have to man the wheel.




If your family likes a challenge, take a cycling vacation. You can plot routes along well-known trails or take bicycle tours across national parks. You’ll work up a sweat and enjoy plenty of quality time together.


Ski Vacation  


If you’re tired of the beach, embrace the snow! March is a great time to hit the slopes in the chillier parts of the country. You can ski during the day and play games with your children by the fire at night. It’s a dream vacation.


Guest Ranch


Do you have a daughter obsessed with horses? Take her to a guest ranch. Your family can enjoy trail rides, take riding lessons, experience cookouts, and generally live the life of cowboys and cowgirls.


National Park


Let your family explore nature, history, and wildlife at a national park. Not only will you be able to relax and enjoy peace and quiet, away from civilization, but you’ll also have the chance to teach your children about the outdoors.


Of course, if you’ve purchased an RV to enjoy any of these adventures, you should give us a call. We’ll make sure you hit the road with the right RV insurance so you’re covered in case an accident ruins the fun.