Pay Attention to Hardware! 4 Tips for Keeping a Clean Computer

We all know it’s important to scrub your home and car and perform regular maintenance around your property. But many people forget about keeping a clean computer. So, January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month, which reminds people to extend the lives of their laptops, tablets, and phones with regular care.


When performing computer maintenance, you must clean your machine inside and out. This post will focus on cleaning your hardware, while next week’s blog will discuss maintaining your software.


Power down.


Before you start cleaning, turn your computer off and unplug it.


Get rid of crumbs.


If you eat at your computer, crumbs are probably stuck between the keys. Turn it upside down and gently shake it to dislodge debris. You could also use a can of compressed air to get rid of dust buildup in the nooks and crannies. Go as far as unscrewing the outer case to blow away any debris inside. Of course, always check your manual first for instructions on properly maintaining a clean computer.


Swab the keys.


Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the keys until they shine. Then, use a cotton swab to get in-between the keys. If you choose to dip the swab in alcohol, remember not to soak it. You don’t want any liquid to leak into your machine.


Wipe the screen.


Now, it’s time to wipe down your screen. Don’t grab any rag and cleaner because that can cause damage. Instead, dampen a barely textured microfiber cloth with distilled water and gently wipe the glass. Finally, swipe the outside of the case with a clean sponge and mild dish soap. Remember to wring out the sponge before using it.


Then, let your machine dry completely before turning it back on. And, just like that, you’ve got a clean computer.