6 Useful Tips for Protecting Possessions at the Beach

Most people can’t wait to enjoy summer days at the shoreline as the sun shines over the water and the waves crash on the sand. It’s typically a relaxing way to spend vacation time. But nothing can ruin a beach day like waking up from a nap to find your phone, wallet, laptop, or other valuables missing. So, the next time you head to the water, remember these tips for protecting possessions at the beach.


Leave it at home.


No one can steal your laptop or tablet computer if you don’t bring them with you. That’s the only foolproof method for protecting possessions at the beach.


Keep it with you.


Unfortunately, you can’t leave all your valuables at home. Some items—like your wallet, keys, and phone—must stay with you. So, secure them by purchasing a waterproof pouch and storing them on your person, even while swimming.


Find a beach with lockers.


Some beaches anticipate visitors’ storage needs and provide rentable lockers. These amenities are useful for items you only need part of the day—such as e-readers.


Take turns minding the bag.


One of the easiest methods for protecting possessions at the beach is for your friends or family to take turns sitting by your bags. That way, someone can always keep an eye on everyone’s belongings.


Bring a paper book or magazine.


Limit the number of electronics you take and choose a hard copy of your favorite book or magazine instead of an e-reader or tablet computer.


Invest in a portable safe.


You can always purchase a portable lockbox and attach it to a beach chair. Therefore, if a thief wants your valuables, they can’t just snatch your stuff without taking the chair, too.


Pro Tip: Understand your insurance policy.


Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take, you could still become a victim of theft. But if that happens, you don’t have to panic. Most home insurance policies cover personal property up to a certain limit. (You can read more about the subject in our laptop insurance post.) So, keep accurate records of your valuables, and you can likely make a successful claim.