Seven Picnic Tips For The Perfect Summer Evening

Anyone can slap together a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grab a few cans of soda, and head out into a field for a bare-bones picnic. But it takes imagination and careful planning to create an outdoor eating experience that a loved one will adore. Check out these simple picnic tips that will turn a summer evening into a treasured memory.


Choose the right time.


Summer days in Kentucky get HOT, so plan your picnic at dusk when the air has cooled a bit. Just remember to bring bug spray.


Pick the perfect spot.


One of the most important picnic tips involves location. Find a beautiful, grassy spot with plenty of shade and a memorable view.


Find a good blanket.


Every veteran picnicker has a favorite blanket. Find one that provides some cushion and can be easily thrown into the washing machine when it gets covered in grass stains. If you can find a waterproof blanket, then you’ve hit the jackpot.


Think about your containers.


Wicker picnic baskets are picturesque, but you won’t want to carry anything cold in one. Instead, consider using an insulated picnic bag that will facilitate more meal options.


As for the food itself, try putting your salads, sides, and desserts in mason jars. This is one of our most innovative picnic tips because the jars will keep your dishes safe while also giving the meal a quaint feel.


 Plan your portion sizes.


Don’t overdo it with the food. You should only take what you plan to eat so you don’t have to pack up a lot of leftovers to take back home.


Pack a bag for trash.


Don’t be a litterbug. Remember to take a plastic bag for any food packaging or plastic plates, cups, and utensils that you will need to discard.


Bring a small table.


This isn’t one of the most crucial picnic tips, but you might consider taking a breakfast tray or a small, foldable table. It’s nice to have a solid, stable surface upon which to rest your glasses and plates.