Seven Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Something often happens when the days get shorter and the air turns colder. For many of us, life starts to seem as dreary as the weather. Many people call this general dysphoria the “winter blues,” a condition that—in its more intense form—can be diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). So, it’s important to combat these feelings any way you can. SAD might require medication or therapy, but the blues can be treated in simpler ways. Here are a few ideas:


Get out.

Light helps chase the blues away, so take advantage of the precious few hours of sunlight we get each day. Go for a walk on your lunch break or spend your weekends out in nature. Just don’t stay cooped up inside.


Eat well.

Winter weather often makes you crave rich, heavy meals, but healthy food will actually make you feel better. Eat a well-balanced diet full of vegetables, fruit, and lean protein to up your lagging energy and improve your mood.  


It’s a fact that regular exercise does wonders for your mentality. Get at least 35 minutes of moderate exercise five times per week and see what movement can do!


Go out, get coffee, and enjoy time with friends! If you simply spend each night at home, you’ll just increase those feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Let the light in.

Your body craves light in the winter, so keep your shades open and make your home as bright as possible. If your blues get particularly bad, you might even consider investing in a lamp that you can use for bright-light therapy.

Work on your to-do list.

Nothing puts you in a good mood like a job well done. Use this time indoors to de-clutter your home or get an early start on spring cleaning. Every finished task will boost your mood just a little bit more.

Plan a road trip.

Overcome the blues by planning a getaway—preferably to a beach with lots of warm sunshine! And, if you’re new to the road-tripping life, contact one of our agents to purchase insurance for your recreational vehicle.