Seven Ways to Encourage a Healthy Office Culture

Over the last century, a percentage of our workforce has moved from intense agricultural labor to sedentary office jobs. And, that shift has affected our health. The average person now sits for roughly 12 hours per day. Physical inactivity is the fourth-leading risk factor for global mortality.  That’s why May is designated as Global Employee Health and Fitness Month. Right now, offices throughout the world are offering their workers incentives to get more exercise and make healthier decisions. Here are a few ways you can encourage a healthy office culture.


Stretch before meetings—Encourage your employees and co-workers to perform stretches and light exercise before each conference. Not only will this get their blood flowing, but it will also boost their concentration.


Encourage gym membership—Partner with a local gym to provide your staff with discounts on memberships. You could even offer prizes to employees who visit the gym a certain amount of times per month.


Host a fitness challenge—This is a popular option for corporate offices. Your workers can compete as individuals or teams, and you can structure the event in a variety of ways, basing it on participation levels, loss of pounds, or decrease of fat percentages.


Buy healthy snacks—Stock the break room with nutritious alternatives to junk food. Poor eating habits have been linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.


Take the stairs—Suggest that your staff members opt for the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Every little bit of movement helps!


Move meetings outdoors—Encourage your employees to discuss business and projects while walking outside. This will give them opportunities to exercise and make the workday a bit more pleasant.


Distribute fitness trackers—Give each worker a fitness tracker to help him or her stay mindful of their daily movement. You could even host office-wide challenges based on the number of steps each person logs in a day, month, or week.


A health-conscious office culture could help boost your employees’ performance, job satisfaction, and confidence in your leadership. When you care about their health, you prove how much you care about them as people.


Note that a solid worker’s compensation policy also shows how much you care about your workers’ well-being. It tells them that while you want the staff to remain in top physical condition, you’ve taken precautions in case that doesn’t happen. Call us at 270-554-2105 to discuss coverage options.