Six Ideas for a Memorable Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we honor the unique love that binds two people together—and so it should be celebrated with a unique date! Couples get caught in ruts all too often, visiting the same restaurants and doing the same, old things. That’s why it’s important to shake up the routine every once in a while.  This year, we want to help you spice things up with a few ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day to surprise and delight your sweetheart.


Go skating  

It’s always fun to slide across the ice while holding hands with your significant other—even if you’re grasping each other more for balance than companionship. You might fall some, but you’ll create lasting memories! And if you don’t live near a facility that accommodates ice skating, you can always hit the nearest roller rink.


Try an escape room.

Nothing will bring you closer to your loved one than a locked door and a series of puzzles. Escape rooms have grown in popularity recently and have become fun experiences for family and friends…so why not try one out on a date, as well?


Ride a few roller coasters.

Every good romance needs a few thrills. That’s why an amusement park is the perfect Valentine’s Day date for an adventurous couple. You might even consider visiting one further south to get away from Kentucky’s dreary winter weather!


Go skydiving.

You will never forget the Valentine’s Day you and your significant other jumped out of a plane and plummeted toward the ground. Never.


Tour your hometown’s historical sites.

Take this opportunity to act like a tourist in your own city and see some of those historical sites that you just never get around to visiting. You’ll grow closer to each other and your own community.



This Valentine’s Day, show love to each other AND to those in need. Call up your favorite nonprofit and see what you can do to help make a difference in your city.


And, before you head out on any of these adventures, we want to issue an important reminder: Please make sure your auto insurance is updated. We don’t want you to risk ruining your date not only with an accident but also with inadequate coverage.