Six Plant Care Tips for A Green Home

Houseplants can do wonders for a home. They can make it feel welcoming, cozy, and lived-in. Most of them are also easy to maintain—you just have to know a few basics. These plant care tips will help turn your living room into a thriving greenhouse.


Plant Care Tip #1: Don’t water on a schedule.

Instead of watering every few days like clockwork, test the dirt first. Stick your finger into the soil, and only water when the first ½ to 1 inch is dry. Cacti and succulents can live with even less water.


Plant Care Tip #2: Find the right light.

Most plants grow well when placed near a window, where they can soak up plenty of sunshine. A plant that isn’t getting enough light will appear pale and spindly.


Plant Care Tip #3: Watch out for bugs.

Believe it or not, bugs don’t just attack in your flower beds and vegetable gardens. They can wreak havoc in your house, too. Use insecticidal soap to get rid of pests such as aphids and spider mites.


Plant Care Tip #4: Fertilize.

It’s difficult to know exactly how much to fertilize a houseplant. Still, you should generally do it more in the spring and summer and less (if at all) in the fall and winter. When in doubt, follow label directions to determine how much to use.


Plant Care Tip #5: Repot every once in a while.

Move a plant to a bigger pot when:

  • The roots creep up out of the soil.
  • You can lift up the plant and see that the roots have made a tight circle around the inside of the pot.
  • It dries out more quickly than usual.


Plant Care Tip #6: Remove dead flowers and leaves.

Keep your plant looking healthy by trimming dead blooms and leaves. This will also help prevent disease.


Home Insurance Tip: Take note of expensive pots and planters.

Any gardener knows that pots and plants can get pricey. If you have any that you consider valuable, remember to record them in the list of possessions you maintain for insurance purposes. With documentation, you can add them to your insurance claim if they are damaged during a covered event.