Six Tips for Improving Your Fall Lawn Care

You may still feel overwhelmed by heat and humidity, but technically, autumn has begun. The leaves will start to fall soon, and the temperatures will begin to drop. It’s important to start preparing your lawn for the cooler weather, and that’s why we’re offering a few fall lawn care tips to keep your yard thriving.


Rake your leaves—often.


Many people wait to rake until all of the leaves have fallen from their trees. That way, they only have to do it once. But that’s not a great idea because the leaves will pile up, get soggy, and create a dense mat of foliage that could suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases. Instead, follow fall lawn care best practices by raking throughout the season.  


Don’t lock up your mower.


Grass will keep growing until the first frost, so you’ll need to mow throughout the autumn season. If you let it get too long, your lawn will mat and become vulnerable to fungi.




Fertilizing is an essential part of fall lawn care! A healthy dose of fertilizer will help your grass develop deep roots during the winter so it can grow thick and green in the spring.


Go on the offensive with weeds.


Get ahead of spring weed issues by applying weed killer. You may even be able to find a weed-killer/fertilizer combo.


Fill in the ugly spots.


Lawns often get ugly bald patches, so just fill them in as a part of your fall lawn care routine. You can easily buy a lawn repair mixture at most garden shops. Or, you could overseed the entire lawn as a way to get rid of patchy spots and to cut down on weed growth.


Aerate the soil.


Every once in awhile, loosen your soil so water, oxygen, and nutrients can filter through to it. Use a core aerator to pull plugs of dirt out of your lawn and aerate the soil.


Of course, after you’ve put so much time and effort into caring for your lawn, you’ll want to protect it. Make sure your property has the best possible home insurance policy by contacting one of our expert agents.