6 Water Conservation Tips for Your Home Garden

Water is a precious resource for which demand is constantly growing. So we, as a population, have to conserve it whenever possible. That’s why the Irrigation Association dubbed July Smart Irrigation Month and is using this time to educate the public about efficient irrigation techniques, including water conservation for your home garden.


You can do several simple things to make the best possible use of water in your garden. Here are just a few…


Water deeply.


If you water your plants too quickly, you will lose a lot of the liquid to runoff. Instead, water slowly so that it has time to soak into the soil and reach the roots. A drip irrigation system will make sure your plants get the right amount of water over the right amount of time. You also should give your garden about 1 inch of water per week.


Water at the right time.


Water your garden in the early morning, when temperatures are nice and cool. This will increase water conservation by reducing evaporation.




Spread 1-3 inches of organic mulch around your trees and garden beds to help retain soil moisture. Just remember to soak the soil first.


Keep the water low.


Don’t use sprinklers that spray streams of water high into the air. You’ll just lose liquid to evaporation. Instead, increase water conservation by using systems (like drip irrigation and soaker hoses) that lie close to the ground.


Maintain your equipment.


Leaky irrigation systems can waste a ton of water, so check the hoses and connections frequently for damage.


Get smart.


Technology, such as smart controllers and rain sensors, can make gardening a lot easier and might be worth the investment. Smart water controllers adjust watering schedules to suit environmental conditions, and rain sensors shut down irrigation systems when they detect precipitation.