3 Questions to Ask While Choosing a Marina

Summer is coming up, and you’re probably day-dreaming about those days you’ll spend happily drifting across the lake on a sailboat or pontoon.  So, if you’ve got a new boat this year, it’s time to start finding a place to keep it. Unless you’re a seasoned sailor, you may not know what to look for while choosing a marina. Try to keep the following questions in mind:


Is the marina safe?


Check that the docks are clean and well-maintained. Also, make sure the marina has adequate security, with 24-hour surveillance and locked facilities. Check the amount of crime in the area, as well, and decide whether you’ll feel comfortable bringing your friends and family out to your boat if it’s docked at that particular facility.


How knowledgeable is the staff?


Experienced staff can help you navigate the water, care for your boat, and find local services for all your needs. They make your sailing experience much more enjoyable.


Does it have basic amenities and convenient services?


You don’t want to waste time going to different locations for fuel and sewage pump-out. Find a marina that has these services in one place and also offers on-site haul-out and maintenance facilities. Also, check out the cleanliness of any shower facilities, and see if the marina provides easy access to mechanics, marine electricians, painters, trimmers, and detailers.


Of course, you also need to make sure the marina has adequate power, electricity, and WiFi, and check to see if the electrical hook-ups are in good, working order.


If you want to learn more about finding a quality marina, take a look at this excellent resource.


But, remember, even if you dock your boat in the fanciest marina around, something could still happen to it. Another vessel could crash into it while motoring in or out of a slip, or it could sustain storm damage while moored.


Get adequate boat insurance before you put your beloved sloop or sailboat in the water. Ask us about whether or not you should add your boat to your homeowner’s policy (probably not) and discover other insurance options including total loss replacement, total loss coverage, unlimited roadside assistance, watersports activity coverage, and more.