Three Tips for Holiday Package Protection

Christmas is coming! Consumers will be shopping online more than ever this year. Mail carriers will be in a frenzy, and packages will rain down on your doorstep. That also means you’ll need to keep an eye out for porch pirates who will happily swipe your freshly delivered boxes. We’ve compiled a few package protection ideas.


Never leave your packages alone on a doorstep.


This is a pretty straightforward solution for package protection. If you know you won’t be home when the mail arrives, have your item delivered to a neighbor or family member. You could even have it delivered to your office or held at the local post office for pickup. Or consider choosing the “ship to store” option when online shopping.


Use an Amazon anti-theft feature.


Amazon has developed a few ways to combat package theft and has installed Amazon Lockers in cities and towns across the country. Just choose a locker location when you purchase an item from the website. You’ll get a code to pick up your package when it has been delivered. As of November 2020, both Paducah, KY, and Mayfield, KY, had Amazon Locker locations.  


You could also use Amazon Key, which allows mail carriers to access your home and leave packages just inside your door. You can even pair the service with a video doorbell to monitor deliveries. Or you could opt for mail to be left in the trunk of your car.


Install a security camera.


This is also a pretty easy package protection option. Security cameras will not only help catch thieves, but if you place them out in the open, they might deter them, as well.


Once your items arrive safely, you also need to think about protecting them from theft in the future. Remember to document all of your belongings for insurance purposes. This record will come in handy if your home is ever robbed or damaged. Check this post for tips on properly documenting your possessions.