Want to Help the Planet? Try A Green Hack or Two!

We clean our homes because we like to keep our family safe and comfortable in a pleasant environment. Think of environmentalism the same way. You have one home planet, and you’re not getting another. Therefore, you should do what you can to take care of it—and that involves more than just recycling. So try out a green hack from the list below and start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Visit your local farmer’s market.


Support local farms! Not only will you help your friends and neighbors make a living, but you’ll also cut down on the need for large, gas-guzzling trucks to carry food shipments. Therefore, make a goal to purchase 50% of your groceries at a farmer’s market.


Take care of your appliances.


Clean out your dryer hose. Follow basic maintenance instructions for your robo-vac. And try repairing appliances instead of simply replacing them. This green hack will save money and keep machines out of landfills for longer. Thus, it will decrease the need for companies to manufacture new items.


Shop vintage.


Head to the thrift stores first when purchasing clothes or furnishing your house. Our society needs to start reusing items instead of simply throwing them away and ordering more. You could even learn to sew or refinish furniture and make items last longer.


Eat less meat.


Meat is an important source of protein, so we’re not telling you to cut it out. But, according to Greenpeace, the livestock industry produces as much greenhouse gas as all automobiles combined. Therefore, if you cut down on your meat consumption, then you create less demand for livestock.


Get lazy with your lawn.


Yup! We mean it. Get lazy, and let your grass grow a bit taller than you would normally. The fewer times you mow your lawn, the less fuel and energy you’ll use to keep it tidy. It’s a no-brainer green hack.


Earn eco-friendly insurance discounts.


Living green can save a lot of money because you’re eating less meat, using less energy, and buying fewer items. It can also earn insurance discounts. For example, many carriers will give you a break on your premiums if you go paperless or drive fewer miles. Talk to your Hibbs agent about what discounts you could get on your policies.