Your Guide to Gardening on a Budget

Most homeowners dream of cultivating beautiful yards rimmed by bushes and chock-full of flowers in bloom—until they estimate the price tag. Planting can get very expensive, very fast, so if you’re shooting for your dream yard, you’ll probably need to employ a few tricks for gardening on a budget. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some ideas.


Start from seeds.


Everyone knows that it’s cheaper to buy packets of seeds than to purchase full-grown plants. Do some research and learn how to raise what flowers and plants you can from start to finish.


Grab a cutting from a friend.


If you don’t want to raise plants from seeds, you can always bum a cutting off of another gardener. Just remember to return the favor someday and share a cutting of your own.


Browse yard sales.


You can find all sorts of treasures in yard sales—like trowels, shovels, gardening gloves, planters, flower pots, etc. Those who garden on a budget only buy new when absolutely necessary.


Use plastic bottles as fillers.


You don’t need to fill huge planters completely with soil. Instead, take up some space at the bottom with old 2-liter soda bottles, broken pots, or other recycled material that won’t decompose.


Reuse and recycle.


You can reuse all sorts of discarded items in your garden. Old and mismatch spoons can become plant markers, leftover lumber and bricks can make beautiful borders for your garden, and trash cans can easily turn into planters. Just get creative.


Purchase compost from the city.  


If you live in the Paducah area, you have easy access to a lot of inexpensive compost! The city sells it by the truckload—literally. It charges $20 for enough compost to fill a pick-up, and you can get the details here.


And remember, if you do decide to invest some money into your landscaping and add a nice fence or shed, you may need to take another look at your homeowner’s insurance. You’ll need to make sure your policy is sufficient enough to cover it.  Contact one of our agents today if you need to upgrade your policy!