5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

With great cold, comes great responsibility. 

Your home is the central hub of your entire lifestyle. It’s where you sit down as a family at the table for dinner each night, rest after a stressful workday. Just like everything else in life, maintenance is key and your household is no exception. Check out the tips below to see how you can best prepare your home for the approaching cold season and avoid the wintertime woes.

Plumbing Prep

Make sure that you drain all of your outdoor faucets and hoses. You’ll want to ensure that your garden hoses are tightly wrapped and stored somewhere safe and dry such as a storage shed or the basement. If you have any pipes that are prone to freezing, wrap them with heat tape to keep them warm in severe winter weather conditions. If temperatures do drop below freezing, don’t forget to turn your sinks on a low-drip to keep your pipes from freezing.

Smoke Alarm Smarts

According to the United States Fire Administration, at least three out of five home-fire deaths occur in properties without properly functioning smoke detectors. Make sure you’re not part of that statistic by maintaining your device year-round and checking it before the cold season sets in. This means changing the batteries, check the manufacturing date, and replace any units that are ten years or older.

Outdoor Optimization

By the time January rolls around your garden and other outdoor amenities may be in the very back of your mind, but they still need you. Make sure to cut away any excess branches and leafage protruding towards the house. By doing this it will be easier to prevent ice or snow from sliding off or causing limbs to break and fall which could damage your dwelling or let water into your home.

Heat, AC, & Ventilation

The likelihood of keeping your windows and doors open during severely cold weather is not very high which means opening them up for a fresh breeze is probably out the window (pun-intended). While everything is trapped inside the home during the cold months, the dust has nowhere to settle but within your vents. Clean or replace the air filters inside your furnace or AC unit for maximum efficiency and improved indoor air quality. If at all possible, it’s also a good idea to remove air conditioners away from windows, or cover them with insulated liners in order avoid unwanted drafts.

Indoor Adjustments

There are some things that need to be done in order to comfortably survive winter’s chill. Before this cold weather sets in completely, do your best to find all of the vents in your space and ensure there’s no pesky furniture blocking your beloved heat sources. In the same regard, if you have radiators rather than vents, ensure that nothing is directly in front or on top of them. Large furniture sets and other pieces can act as a blocking agent and absorb the heat you’re trying to preserve.

Last but not least, try adding a thicker layer of fabric for your curtains in order trap the heat inside. Attempt to pull them back during sunny afternoons, but keep them closed tightly during the night and on cloudy days. Curtains in darker colors or those that retain a thermal lining are made to protect living spaces during the harsh winter months.