How to Plan a Cross-Country Road Trip You’ll Actually Enjoy

May 24, 2023 | Auto Insurance, Tips

Nothing makes memories like a long drive. And if you plan a cross-country road trip this summer, you’ll look back years from now and remember traveling down the road, playing car games with your kids or lip-syncing to classic songs with friends. So, make the most of your vacation time. Just follow a few tips to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress.


Plan the route.


Some people like to wander the roads, stopping in interesting towns. Others want to make an itinerary with carefully chosen stops. Still, others fall somewhere in between.


Talk to your companions before the trip about how flexible your route should be. And then plan accordingly. Also, stay updated on weather reports and road conditions so you can take alternate roads if necessary.


Plan the company.


Choose your traveling buddies carefully since they will determine the nature of your drive. If you want to take small children, expect to stop often for bathroom breaks and playgrounds. Your vacation will be full of giggles and fun, but you might not get far.


Or, if you plan a cross-country road trip with friends, consider their preferences. Do they care about a certain destination, or do they like to meander? Make sure their likes and dislikes match yours.


Make the budget.


Never leave home without carefully budgeting money for housing, food, gas, entertainment, and emergencies. Create a spreadsheet for each category, and research how much your plans will cost. Then, add a little extra money for unforeseen expenses.  


Prioritize rest.


Never drive drowsy. Instead, prioritize safety and decide how to get enough rest on the trip. For example, don’t try camping if you know you can’t sleep well on hard surfaces. It’s not worth the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.


Prep the car.


Always have your car serviced before starting a road trip. Ask the mechanic to check for issues and change the oil. Also, refill the windshield wiper fluid and ensure the lights work. Nothing can spoil a vacation like spending half a day on the side of the road. 


Finally, this might also be a good time to shop for better car insurance. Get excellent coverage, so you don’t have to worry about accident costs. Instead, you can enjoy yourself.


Why plan a cross-country road trip if you can’t relax behind the wheel?


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