Back-to-School Insurance Checklist: Protecting Your Children and Their Belongings

Aug 2, 2023 | Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Tips

The back-to-school season is a busy time for parents and children alike. As you prepare for the new academic year, it’s important to consider the safety and protection of your children and their belongings. Having the right insurance coverage in place can provide you with peace of mind. In this blog post, we present a comprehensive back-to-school insurance checklist to help you safeguard your children and their possessions throughout the school year.


Review Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance:


Start by reviewing your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Ensure that it includes coverage for personal property, including items your children take to school such as laptops, tablets, and musical instruments. Take note of any coverage limits and consider increasing them if necessary. This will help protect their belongings in case of theft, damage, or loss.


Consider Valuable Items Coverage:


If your children have high-value items like expensive electronics or valuable jewelry, it’s worth considering adding valuable items coverage or a personal articles floater to your insurance policy. These additional coverages provide extra protection for specific items that may exceed the limits of your standard policy.


Evaluate Liability Coverage:


Check if your homeowners or renters insurance policy includes liability coverage for your children. Accidents can happen, and liability coverage can offer financial protection if your child accidentally damages someone else’s property or causes injury to others. Confirm that your policy covers incidents both on and off your property to ensure comprehensive liability protection.


Assess Auto Insurance Needs:


If your child will be driving to school or participating in school activities, review your auto insurance policy. Make sure they are adequately covered with the appropriate liability coverage. Consider adding comprehensive and collision coverage if needed. Inquire about any available discounts for good grades or completion of driver’s education courses.


Update Health Insurance Coverage:


Before the school year begins, take the opportunity to review your health insurance coverage. Ensure that your policy includes coverage for routine check-ups, vaccinations, and necessary medications for your children. Familiarize yourself with the network of healthcare providers near their school to facilitate easy access to medical services when needed.


As you prepare for the back-to-school season, don’t overlook the importance of protecting your children and their belongings with the right insurance coverage. Use this back-to-school insurance checklist as a guide to ensure you have the necessary protection in place. Review your homeowners or renters insurance, consider valuable items coverage, evaluate liability coverage, assess auto insurance needs, and update health insurance coverage. At Hibbs Insurance, we understand the importance of safeguarding your family’s well-being. Contact us today to discuss your insurance needs and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve throughout the school year and beyond.

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