What Happens to Lost or Stolen Car Keys? Will Insurance Cover Them?

Feb 22, 2023 | Auto Insurance

Let’s be honest—car keys can be a pain. We’re always afraid of losing them or locking them in our vehicles. And if they’re ever lost or stolen, not only are we without transportation, but we also might have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the keys and fob. So, naturally, one might wonder if auto insurance covers lost or stolen car keys.


Will insurance pay for lost or stolen car keys?


The short answer is: Typically, no. Most car insurance policies won’t reimburse you for replacing keys.


However, comprehensive insurance may include keys in the replacement cost if your car is stolen and the keys are inside. And some comprehensive policies will cover the cost if your stolen car is recovered but your keys aren’t or if they’re damaged in a covered loss. Or, you could add a rider to comprehensive insurance that includes car key protection.


Your home or renter’s insurance may also feature personal property coverage that could include stolen keys. For example, if someone steals a purse with your keys inside, you might be able to file a home insurance claim for all items in the bag.


However, you should note that most policies won’t cover lost keys.


Should you file a claim for stolen keys?


In most cases, it’s probably not worth the time or effort to file a claim for stolen car keys. The replacement cost for most keys is less than a deductible, so you’d have to pay out-of-pocket anyway.


Still, the price of a fancy smart key can exceed a low $500 deductible. So, if that’s the case, you can make a claim. But before you do, weigh the advantages of filing against the effort it would take and its impact on your premiums. Remember, your rates will probably go up with every claim.


Call your Hibbs agent if you have questions about lost or stolen car keys or other possible auto insurance claims. We’ll let you know if you can and should file.

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