7 Random Acts of Kindness to Spread Love in Your Community

Feb 15, 2023 | Tips

You know the world can be a difficult place. Just turn on the evening news, and you’ll hear story after story about human conflict, global warming, and natural disasters. But that’s why we must encourage one another as often as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is with random acts of kindness.

We at Hibbs Insurance encourage you to spread love in the community, and we’ve got some ideas on how.



Giving is one of the random acts of kindness that carry the most impact. So, bless your favorite charity with a little extra cash. And if you don’t have a favorite yet, we have suggestions.


Write a positive review.

Too many people are quick to complain and slow to compliment. So, take a few minutes to write a positive Yelp review for your favorite local restaurant.


Go plogging.

The Swedes have developed one of the more creative random acts of kindness, and it combines jogging with picking up litter. “Plogging,” as it’s called, is a great way to stay healthy and keep your neighborhood clean. So, do something good for yourself, your planet, and your community, and try it out.



Nothing shows a parent how much you love them like a babysitting offer. So, set aside time to watch some littles, and let their parents go on dates, finish tasks around the house, or just sleep.


Spend time with an elderly family member or friend.

Life’s “golden years” can be some of its loneliest. So, take a break from your busy schedule to sit and chat with an elderly friend or family member. Show they’re not forgotten.


Learn CPR.

Sign up for a CPR class and get prepared for emergency situations. Saving a life is one of the most meaningful random acts of kindness.


Carry nonperishable food for the homeless.

We all see people holding signs by the side of the road, asking for food or donations. Therefore, we suggest you keep a case of granola bars or crackers in your car, so you can always help a person down on their luck.

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