7 Tips for Moving Day That Will Ease Your Transition to a New Home

May 3, 2023 | Home Insurance

Job hunting. Paying taxes. Moving. Some things in life just aren’t fun. However, they don’t always have to feel soul-crushing. For example, a little forethought and planning can make your move smooth and efficient. So, remember to cull your belongings before packing, label your boxes, and follow these lesser-known tips for moving day.


Schedule your utilities in advance. 


You’ll want to collapse and take a long nap after lugging your belongings into a new home. But that will be difficult if your heating/air conditioning doesn’t work. Remember to have all utilities turned on at your new home before moving day.


Bag up your clothes.


Move your clothing quickly by sinching items up in trash bags while still on the hanger. This way, everything stays tidy as you transport your wardrobe to a new closet.


Pack dinner plates sideways.


Wrap each plate in paper or bubble wrap, and stack them all on their sides. This method offers better protection than lying them flat.


Get creative with containers.


You don’t always need a ton of cardboard boxes to move. Instead, use every basket, bucket, laundry hamper, and tote you own to move belongings. For easier transportation, you can even fill rolling luggage with heavier items, like books.


Find out what needs special care.


Some items won’t travel well in cardboard boxes. For example, valuable art needs a certain kind of crating. And plasma televisions can get damaged if you lay them flat. So, one of the most important tips for moving day is to pack them in their original boxes or special crates. 


Pack up BEFORE your friends and family arrive.


It’s common to ask friends and family to help you move. But make sure you’re ready to go when they arrive. Don’t make them wait around while you finish packing.


Find out if your home or renter’s insurance policy covers moving damage.


Some policies cover your possessions before you even start living in an insured dwelling. So, it’s a good idea to review your home or renter’s insurance documents and find out if you can file a claim for a mid-move theft. The knowledge could come in handy.


Of course, there are a hundred other ways to ease the burden of a move, but these tips for moving day will get you started. Just remember to be prepared and think ahead.  

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