Does Home Insurance Cover Landscaping Damage?

Apr 5, 2023 | Home Insurance

Spring is here! So, it’s almost time to break out the spades and shovels for yard work. And if you’re planning to spend hours or days whipping your lawn into shape, you don’t want anything to happen to your carefully cultivated plants. So, you may wonder, “Does home insurance cover landscaping damage?” Let’s explore.


The Big Question: Does home insurance cover landscaping damage?


Yes. Most home insurance policies will cover landscaping for listed perils—which often include fire, theft, lightning, explosions, and vandalism. And, of course, your deductible will still apply.


However, home insurance won’t cover your landscaping for any perils excluded from your general policy. For example, most home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, so you can’t file a claim if flood waters ruin your trees. Policies also don’t typically insure landscaping against damage from weather conditions like wind, hail, snow, and ice.


Additionally, insurance won’t cover incidents caused by neglect. So, for example, you can’t let a tree rot and then collect a payout after it falls on your garden shed.


Does home insurance place limits on landscaping coverage?


Usually, a policy will offer up to 5% of its dwelling protection for landscaping, and it will cap coverage at $500 for a single item. So, if you have $100,000 in dwelling coverage, you can claim up to $5,000 for landscaping. But your policy won’t pay more than $500 for a damaged tree, even if it’s valued at $1,000.


Remember, you can add a rider to your policy to extend coverage limits for various assets, including landscaping.


Will insurance pay to replace trees, bushes, and shrubbery?


You will need to check your policy. Some coverage only pays to remove trees and other plants, while others reimburse you for the damaged landscaping.


Call a Hibbs agent if you have more questions like, “Does home insurance cover landscaping damage?” Or let us know if you want to extend coverage for your lawn. We’re ready to help preserve your green spaces.

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