6 Easy Ways to Go Green

Apr 19, 2023 | Home Insurance, Tips

Temperatures are warming, birds are singing, and planting season is upon us. That means Earth Month is in full swing. So, as you scrape out your flower beds and plan your yearly garden, you might also start thinking about ways to preserve the beauty around you. We’ve researched a few easy ways to be green in daily life.


Get lazy.


It’s true. Slacking off on a few specific chores is one of the easy ways to be green. For example, stop mowing the lawn so often. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lawn care equipment produces up to 5% of the country’s pollution. Additionally, longer grass gives wildlife a place to thrive. So, try mowing just once per month and embrace a wilder yard.


You could also reduce your laundry loads. Washing and drying machines use a lot of energy, so try using them less often. Wear your clothes a few times between washes and let items dry on a line outside if possible.


Use bars in the bathroom.


Stop buying plastic bottles of shower gel and shampoo. Instead, opt for soap and shampoo bars packaged in easily recycled cardboard.


Carry a water bottle.


This one is pretty obvious, so we’ll call it a reminder.


According to the Guardian, people use 20,000 plastic water bottles per second, and a minuscule amount of them are recycled. So, do your part and slake your thirst using a reusable container.


Take a pass on unsolicited mail.


You probably don’t like random advertisements anyway. So, reduce waste by stopping junk mail.


Maintain your possessions.


A greener life involves less shopping. Therefore, make the items you have last as long as possible. Learn how to repair clothes, darn socks, and maintain home appliances. Also, take care of laptops and other electronics to extend their lives. This way, you can save the planet AND your wallet.


Go paperless.


Choose paperless billing whenever possible to help reduce landfill waste. Then, as a bonus, you might receive insurance discounts for this and other eco-friendly choices.


Becoming eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean cutting off your power and living off the land. Instead, start by incorporating a few easy ways to be green into your daily routine and reduce your carbon footprint. Then, with a little thought and care, you can do your part to protect the planet.


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