6 Fall Home Maintenance Tips to Help Preserve Your House This Winter

Oct 5, 2022 | Home Insurance

Sadly, autumn isn’t all fun and games. You must complete a few annual chores between pumpkin patch visits to keep your home in top shape. But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a few fall home maintenance tips to make it easy.


Rake your leaves.


Everyone knows to rake leaves in autumn, but don’t wait too long. Leaves create a blanket of foliage that can inhibit lawn growth, so clean them up regularly. 


Clear the gutters.


This is one of the more important fall home maintenance chores. If you don’t unclog your gutters, water will pool during rainstorms and damage your roof and siding.


Look for exterior issues and make repairs when needed.


Examine your home from top to bottom. Check the roof for loose shingles, inspect the siding, and look for cracks in your foundation. If you discover issues, fix them before winter arrives. You should also search for small holes that mice and other animals could enter. No one likes rodents in their walls, so seal those openings tightly.


Turn off exterior faucets.


Close any shut-off valves that feed exterior faucets, so the pipes won’t freeze in the winter. Then, detach and drain your garden hoses, and store them indoors.


Maintain your safety devices.


After performing fall home maintenance outside, check safety devices. For example, test your smoke alarms and change the batteries if needed. Also, replace your fire extinguisher if it has expired. And check your home for high radon levels.


Maintain your heat sources.


Since cold weather is on the way, think about heating safety. Hire professionals to inspect your HVAC and fireplace and service them as needed.


It’s also a good time to review your home insurance policy. You might not have enough insurance to cover a complete rebuild if a storm or fire damages your house. So, call your Hibbs agent to find out.


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