How to Ensure Safe Driving with Children This Winter

Jan 4, 2023 | Auto Insurance, Safety

Winter is here, which means driving can get particularly dangerous. So, go over your tips for winter driving safety, and make sure your children stay secure in the car. Follow these tips for safe driving with children.


Know how and where to buckle in your kids.


Children under age 13 should always ride in the back of your vehicle and in an age-appropriate car or booster seats. You should also ensure these seats are installed correctly, so consult the owner’s manuals to do the job right.


Also, make sure you know how to fasten each seat. For example, many car seat harnesses have chest clips that should be placed in line with the armpits. This placement keeps the straps aligned with your child’s shoulders for maximum safety.


Stay focused.


Safe driving with children involves following all driving rules, and that includes giving the road your full attention. NEVER text and drive. It compromises your family’s safety and teaches your little ones bad habits.


Watch out for loose items.


Secure all items, people, and pets—because anything not tied down will fly freely through your vehicle during an accident. So, for safe driving with children, remember to put all heavy objects in your trunk.


Never, ever leave a child in your car.


Kids die every year after getting left in cars. It only takes a short time for a child to develop heatstroke in a vehicle, so never leave them unattended. Make a habit of checking the back before getting out or placing an important item—such as a purse or phone—by a child’s seat so you will always glance in that direction.


Avoid mid-drive snacks.


Don’t let young children eat in the car. They could easily choke, and you might not notice if you’re busy driving. Plus, even if you did see their distress, you would have difficulty reaching them quickly.


Ensure safe sleeping.


If your child falls asleep during a drive, make sure they use their seat’s headrest. You don’t want their head to fall forward so their airway could become blocked.

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