6 Unusual Hobbies to Liven Up Your Free Time

Jan 25, 2023 | Tips

January is a time for reinvention. It’s when we make goals and figure out how to reach them. It’s also a wonderful time to discover new interests. So, for National Hobby Month, let’s explore a few unusual hobbies you might choose to pursue.




Calligraphy is an art that involves decorative handwriting or lettering. You just need a calligraphy pen, quality paper, and good ink. Then, you’ll be ready to write a million gorgeous gift tags the next time Christmas rolls around.




This hobby involves hiding containers of unique and interesting items worldwide for others to find. Or, you can even track down containers yourself. It’s a global treasure hunt. And you can get started on the geocaching website.


Note: Geocaching is one of the unusual hobbies that involves vehicles, such as cars, dirt bikes, or ATVs. Make sure you’ve got the best coverage for each before starting this hobby.


Toy Voyaging


Have you ever heard of someone who took a cardboard cutout or statue and photographed it in places around the world? That’s, essentially, the idea behind toy voyaging. You simply choose a favorite toy and take it with you on adventures. Some people even start travel logs for their items. It’s a great way to document your trips.


Note: Don’t forget to update your RV insurance before your next road trip.


Extreme Ironing


Also known as “EI,” extreme ironing is one of the most unusual hobbies. It pairs a household chore with adventurous activities, such as surfing, rock climbing, or kayaking. If you pick it up, at least you’ll look put together as you scale mountains.




People who practice aquascaping love to arrange water-loving plants in submerged or semi-submerged gardens. These hobbyists typically create aquascapes in water-tight containers and place them around their homes. It’s a great way to bring nature into a living space.


News Raiding


News raiding is a bit like photobombing—but for news reports. You simply try to appear in the background of as many news broadcasts as possible. This hobby takes careful planning, so good luck!

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