How to Prioritize Home Office Safety and Create a Better Remote Workspace

Jan 11, 2023 | Commercial Insurance, Safety, Tips

It’s common knowledge that more people started working from home during the pandemic. In fact, the country’s remote workers tripled from 2019 to 2021, according to the 2021 American Community Survey. So, as people continue ditching the work commute, it’s become crucial to spread home office safety awareness. If you’re a remote worker, read the following suggestions and create a more secure space.


Follow general home safety guidelines.


Those who work in offices can rely on landlords or employers to ensure their buildings are maintained and safe. However, remote workers must do it themselves.


So, if you work outside the office, follow all fire safety guidelines in your home. And if you have small children, remember to babyproof your home office and the rest of your house.


Also, ensure your electrical systems are up to code. And treat all electrical appliances and equipment with care. Turn machines off when you aren’t using them. Replace frayed wires, and never plug too many devices into a single outlet. Finally, never daisy chain extension cords.


Keep your workspace tidy.


One of the main home office rules is to maintain a clean space. For example, keep your floors clear and all cords stored safely away. Also, use sturdy file cabinets and bookcases, and never place heavy items on them. Those objects could fall and injure someone or topple the furniture.


Get ergonomic.


You must know how to sit correctly if you’re working in front of a computer for long periods. Otherwise, you could injure or strain parts of your body, particularly your back. Use a chair with proper back support and position the computer so your eyes remain level with the top third of your screen. Also, keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed while you work.


Finally, remember to get up and stretch once an hour. Even five minutes of stretching will do wonders for your body.


Get out.


Mental health is a significant part of home office safety. Remote work can feel isolating since you don’t see people during your workday. So, socialize intentionally. Schedule lunches with friends. Invite people over for dinner. Throw parties for no reason at all. Just find ways to spend time with others.


Note: Sometimes, working from home can increase the chances that an accident will occur on your property. If so, check your home insurance policy and see how much liability coverage it contains. You may need to increase that coverage or purchase an umbrella policy.

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